About us

Ever since 1880 our family has been all about paint. Or better yet: of color, matière, pigments, texture and smell. 
As far as we're concerned, the manufacturing process of paint is a balance between craft/art and science. 
Craft/art because the materials traditionally used, such as oil, lime, natural glue and broken pigments exhibit an unsurpassed beauty which cannot be achieved with purely synthetic resins. 
However, we are not afraid to apply the finest and latest scientific techniques in order to optimize our paints according to the strictest environmental standards. Our do not contain a low amount of solvents, they simple contain no solvents at all! All of our paints are water dilutable, even our oil paints. 
Maybe it is our unstoppable passion that drives us to improve or quality of life, by which we mean: making it prettier. Over the years, we were frequently struck by the unbelievable ugliness of buildings and the way they are finished. A good design with the proper colors forms a whole that feels pleasant. A place where you love to work, love to enjoy the finer moments in life. Somewhere you're just happy to be. 
Our products are developed in such a way that they provide a sophisticated finish in an easy and efficient way. Deep colors, exceptional ease of use, a sensitive, not-too-smooth appearance that 'sticks'.

Full website: www.emente-paint.com

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